Our key men are top caliber professionals with high integrity, good business sense and entrepreneurial flair. They are people with a passion for the business. They are visionaries in charting energy feed revolution and growth paths for the company, yet are firmly anchored in the realities of the business environment.

The management team is formed with the members who have working experiences from famous MNC such as GE and Siemens. The following sections describe the team member experiences:-

Managing Director

Degree in Chemical Engineering (USA), MBA(UK) and DBA(USA), has more than 15 years of experiences in water treatment; particularly in oil water separation. He worked in General Electric International and Siemens Water Technologies previously. His family is actively involving in Poultry farms with turnover of 500,000 birds capacity per month.

Pioneerfeed emphasize on developing its management resources, notably in the form of increased revenues and profits directly related to the water soluble oil selling initiative.  Pioneerfeed’s startups initiative is strategize in new operating infrastructure, employees, distributors, trade partners and process equipment optimization.

In addition, Pionnerfeed does stress its company’s execution plans in expanding and evolving its business activities as well as operations in areas that include of:

I. Research / service capabilities, technology advancement, marketing & product commercialization

II. Train sales and marketing staff to pursue specific market segments with a multi-tiered, multi-channel approach. We will leverage both distribution and a direct sales strategy.

III. Look into foreign markets first with established distributors for expanding revenue.

I. Stakeholders
We listens to our stakeholders and understands their needs in order to build enduring relationship with them

II. Teamwork
We actively support each other across the organization as we work towards our common purpose = All Win Situation

III. Integrity
Fair dealing is the basis of our business

IV. Innovation
We actively invest in technology, process improvement and skills for better products

V. Effectiveness
We do the right things right at the first time, on time, every time


At Pioneerfeed, we look at quality from every angle in terms of functionality, safety, consistency, formulation, manufacturing, customer service, technical support and many more:


Malaysia Palm Oil Board



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