Energy Feed Redefined


Pioneerfeed is the first agritech company at Malaysia to develop highly efficient, energized feedstuff and nutrients by utilizing crude palm oil and palm kernel oil.

Pioneerfeed able to produce the breakthrough water-soluble emulsified oil with balanced blend of fatty acid and various products of fat powder.

The main outcome of the products is supply new type of energized animal feeds and ingredients, which improve the effectiveness of the farm animals’ raising.

Pioneerfeed efforts would make a great contribution for the development of animal feed industry and husbandry. By introducing international advanced biotechnology and testing equipment, our products would not only assist farmers to increase income but also supplying healthier farm products to the market for human consumption.


Two green oil droplets look alike leaves indicate teamwork of Bumi & non-bumi at Malaysia; also means collaboration between Malaysian & Chinese Partners; indicating the intimate interaction between us and customers while droplets in green leaves shape mean GREEN products,environmental friendly by utilizing natural edible oil resources.

The brown sphere implies the successful agriculture venture all over the world. The light orange backdrop means cheerful and energetic team.


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